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Best Doctors in Michigan: 2017 Mom-Approved Docs

Kid-tested, parent-approved. Metro Parent readers raved about their favorite pediatricians, dentists, therapists and much more. Who made this year's cut?

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavor Offers a Breastfeeding Boost

Moms struggling with breastfeeding might want to settle down with a bowl of ice cream – it might just help you produce more milk.

Dad's Nursing Cover Video Goes Viral

The father took a video of himself trying to eat with a blanket over his head to show breastfeeding critics why it's a ridiculous suggestion.

New Nursing Suite Opens at Comerica Park

The climate-controlled room with couches and a TV can be used for nursing or pumping.

Celeb Mom Has Breast Milk Dumped by Airport Security

Actress and mom Alyssa Milano is hoping policy changes will be considered after the incident on Thursday.

Olivia Wilde Completes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with Breast Milk

The Ice Bucket Challenge is kind of over, right? Well, if one celeb has her way, a new one is ready to take its place, dumping breast milk on your head.

Safe Sleep Initiatives for Babies in Michigan

Unsafe sleep habits have resulted in recent infant deaths in metro Detroit. Local government is teaming up with Beaumont Children's Hospital to educate parents on the consequences.