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Best 'Oh Mother' Moments of 2016

The New Year is here, and we're looking back at the top hilarious, controversial and embarrassing parenting moments that made you say, 'Oh Mother' in 2016.

Mom Squirts Breastmilk at a Woman Who Shamed Her for Breastfeeding...

Woman complains on Facebook that a mom sprayed her with breastmilk after asking her to breastfeed elsewhere.

Children’s Halloween Costumes That Should Have Never Hit the Streets

Tasteless costumes are an unfortunate theme every Halloween, but the real horror arrives in questionable outfits worn by kids, like these morbid contenders.

How to Wean Your Baby from Breastfeeding

Beth Meeker, lactation consultant at Beaumont, offers advice for moms on how to ease their baby – and themselves – into ending breastfeeding.