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10 Classic Parenting Tips That Stand the Test of Time

Set aside the tech and experts. We've boiled things down to 10 classic parenting tips core advice for parents that includes lots of love and room to be human.

Tips to Improve the Relationship Between Father and Son

A recent study found that dads of toddler boys aren't so attentive. Find out why and get tips on how to work on your relationship between father and son.

Sharing Responsibilities: How to Find a Balance at Home

For some families, the 'go-to mom' and 'less-involved dad' model is outdated. They're striking a balance, so one isn't carrying so much of the load.

Division of Labor

I really hate to say this. It truly pains me to say this. But the truth is I think women have lost some ground....

Finding Peace and a Place as a Stepparent

Being a stepparent can often make you feel like you're the third – or even fourth wheel. When do you get involved? When do you hang back?

Same-Sex Dads Spend More Time with Kids, Study Says

That's compared to heterosexual dads, the new study finds. The same goes for moms across the board – whether in same or opposite sex relationships.

Four Men Experience Motherhood in Five-Part Buzzfeed Series

The Try Guys test out pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood in a hilarious five-part series that has gone viral, and really makes you empathize with moms everywhere.

Parents vs. Non-Parents

While you’re changing diapers or transporting your kids to soccer practice, your childless friends are going to parties and traveling to exotic locales. No wonder it’s hard to relate. But maybe it’s not as hard to stay connected to our childless friends as we think …

10 Tips to Stay Close to Friends While Raising Kids

If you're a parent, it can be hard to stay connected with your friends, whether they've got children or not. Here are some ways to remain close.

Parents are Happier – More or Less – New Study Says

Bucking previous reports, findings by the Association for Psychological Science say having kids actually makes you feel better (especially dads).

Mom to Give Birth in Art Gallery

Birth as exhibit? Marni Kotak, a Brooklyn artist and soon-to-be mother, is doing just that as she prepares for her first child - 'Baby X.'

Parenting Then, Now and Always

Metro Parent Publisher Alyssa Martina looks back at 25 years of parenting and makes a prediction for the future.