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Hands-On Play Gives Preschoolers an Early Education Grasp

Fun and games that let kids ages 0-5 explore their natural world are a great foundation for school. Nurture it with snow, exercise, projects, books and tech.

Michigan Disaster Plans for Schools, Daycare Centers Lacking

Save the Children, a national organization, says we're among 28 states not making the grade in keeping kids safe. Here's what it found - and what's being done.

Single Fatherhood is Rising, Support is Slower to Follow

The numbers have significantly increased since the 1960s, a Pew Research Center study says. What does this mean for modern dads in southeast Michigan?

How to Save Money for College in Small, Simple Ways

Saving $25 (or more) every month to put toward your kid's future tuition rates is very doable. Here are 20 steps to help parents get started.

Helping Teens Get a Job: What Parents Should Know

Learn about youth employment law in Michigan, tips to help kids during an interview and school-based options that could get them a career jump, too.

More Parents are Opting Out of Vaccines for Kids

A growing number of children aren't getting school-mandated vaccinations, a new study finds - for non-medical reasons. What does this mean for Michigan?

Small Turtle Family Pets Causing Salmonella Concerns

Kids across the U.S. are getting sick from these tiny retiles. Learn about this growing problem and how to prevent an outbreak from happening in your home.

Nanny Myths, Debunked

No: You don't have to be super wealthy. Learn why this highly personalized childcare option is the right fit for many parents, kids and families.

Love & Hate: I Love Having My Own World, Too

Working moms say they're better mothers because of the time they spent out of the house. Maybe now I get it!

Dr. Sears Family Essentials Popumz

Just because they're healthy doesn't mean they skimp on flavor! These nutritious snacks are a yummy treat for kids - and parents.

What’s a SAHD? A New Breed of Dad for a New...

In an increasing number of American homes, fathers are staying home to raise the kids while mothers are the sole breadwinner.

I Hate Mittens

Keeping pairs of the tiny hand warmers together is even worse than maintaining pairs of socks!