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Different Kinds of Bug Bites in Michigan Parents Should Know About

If you spot a potential insect nibble on your child's skin, here are a few different kinds of bug bites in Michigan to keep on your radar.

What is Hell’s Itch and How You Can Treat It?

'Hell's itch' happens exactly two days after a sunburn. Find out more about it here.

How Healthy ‘Nose Bugs’ Could Prevent Glue Ear in Kids

Glue ear in kids can be a chronic problem that can even lead to hearing loss. However, one study says certain germs can keep kids healthy.

Ball Pits are Just as Filthy as You Suspect, Study Finds

A new study of physical therapy clinics confirms that ball pits are crawling with potentially dangerous germs – even at health care facilities.

Sleep Apnea in Kids is Underdiagnosed, Study Says

The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association notes sleep apnea in kids is often untreated. Why – and what signs should you look for in your child?

The Dangers of Dripping

Do you know what dripping is? It's a vaping technique that has users putting e-liquid directly onto heated coils. Here's what parents should know about the dangers of dripping.

How to Protect Kids From Germs

Big kids have big opportunities to touch and pass all sorts of germs every day. Where are germs commonly found? Learn more, plus find tips on how to protect kids from germs.

How to Recognize and Report Child Abuse and Neglect

A horrendous case of child abuse in California makes it clear that some don't know the signs. Learn what to look out for and how and when to report what you see.

Raising a Transgender Child

Learn more about what being transgender is, recommended treatments and other information you need to know about raising a transgender child.

Artificial Sweeteners for Kids: Are They Safe?

Ingredients like sucralose are found in a surprising number of foods marketed toward kids. So are artificial sweeteners for kids safe?

Adopting a Vegan Diet as a Family

A vegan diet can be a healthy alternative for some families. Find out how a local dietitian recommends families adopt the lifestyle and how to do it responsibly.

Anti-Vaxers Shut Down Optional Vaccine Education Program

The Arizona pilot program aimed to help school-aged children and their parents understand vaccines. It was totally optional but some feared it would become mandatory and forced it to end.