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How Parents Can Prevent Cyberbullying Among Kids

Cyberbullying can affect kids in a number of ways, but vigilant parents can make a difference. Start with this sound advice from a national source and an expert here in metro Detroit.

Michigan Anti-Cyberbullying Law: What It Means for Kids and Families

The new Michigan anti-cyberbullying law is rolling out this month. Here's what you and your kids need to know about it.

7 Ways to Prepare Kids for the Transition from Elementary to...

The top things you should know to prepare yourself and your child for the often-tumultuous transition from elementary to middle school.

Is Your Kid Too Young to Start a YouTube Channel?

Younger kids are starting to pop up on YouTube, but how old should a child be to start their own channel and what can parents do to make it safe?

Dad Makes Son Destroy Xbox Over Bad Grades

After his son received bad grades, this dad forced the child to smash his Xbox. He posted the footage to YouTube and has received mixed reactions for it.

Mothers Use Private Facebook Group to Bully Toddlers

Cyberbullying typically involves tweens and teens, but a new group has jumped on the bandwagon: moms. They took to the social media site to bash a bunch of toddlers, some disabled or with genetic disorders.

Facebook Introduces New Bullying Prevention Page

The social networking site launches a tool to help teens, parents and educators take action against mean behavior as more kids leave Facebook. Will it work?

Bullying Kids' Parents Ticketed by Cops in Wisconsin City

Monona police are taking a stand and making parents own up to their kids' mean or disrespectful behavior to peers by fining the bullies' families.

Facebook Considers Lowering Age Limit

Should children under age 13 be allowed on Facebook with parental consent, or is the possible restriction change just a recipe for disaster?

Making Bullying a Crime in Detroit

City council has approved a new approach to fighting back when kids get picked on: Criminalizing bullying. One council member shares the reasons.