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Coping with Test Anxiety

How to help alleviate your elementary school-aged kid's exam apprehension.

Helping Kids Reduce Stress Through Mindfulness Meditation

The simple act of teaching children how to stop, focus and just breathe could be one of the greatest gifts you give them.

How to Tell Your Child You’re Getting Divorced

Getting a divorce is a tough decision to make, but it can also be incredibly difficult to tell the kids. Here are tips for helping kids through divorce.

The Importance of Date Night for Parents

Forget the excuses. Forget the guilt. It's really good for your relationship and your kids. Here are some tips on scheduling this special time.

Metro Parent's January 2015 Cover Shoot Outtakes

Another year begins! We're starting things off right with adorable CoverKid Zevesh, 3, of Ann Arbor. Take a look at some of the photos that didn't make the cover.

Tennessee Law Prevents Parents from Giving Child a Hybrid Last Name

Carl Abramson and Kim Sarubbi mashed together their surnames for their first two kids, but Tennessee law says they can't use the last name Sabr for baby No. 3.

Socialite Returns Adopted Child to Orphanage for Crying

After only one night in, Romanian socialite Monica Gabor took her adopted son back to the orphanage because the child was too distressed.

Tax Tips for Parents: Deductions and Credits to Know About

April 15 is the IRS tax filing deadline, aka Tax Day. Whether you've got a baby or a college kid, here's how to get the most out of your income tax returns.

Working Mom's Open Letter to Gwyneth Paltrow

On the heels of her conscious uncoupling aka divorce from Coldplay's Chris Martin, the actress and mom of two manages to offend working moms around the world.

Single Fatherhood is Rising, Support is Slower to Follow

The numbers have significantly increased since the 1960s, a Pew Research Center study says. What does this mean for modern dads in southeast Michigan?

New York City Shaming Teens into Not Getting Pregnant

A major U.S. city is taking a stance on teen pregnancy by discouraging youngsters with ads that make them feel guilty. Is it a good idea?

Gay Families Raising Kids in Southeast Michigan

Same-sex marriage and parenting can be a controversial civil rights topic. But what's the experience really like, in reality? Here, local families share how it's gotten better and worse.