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Tips on How to Raise a Kind Child

Compassion is an important quality to instill in children; here's a guide on how to raise a kind child and foster empathy, too.

Tips to Raising Girls with Grit

After age 9, a girl's feelings of self-worth and confidence crash. Help your daughter realize her full potential, become her best and mature with moxy with these tips to raising girls with grit.

10 Easy Exercises for Kids That are Fun and Effective

Keeping active is key to good health from a young age. But getting kids engaged can be tricky. Try these easy exercises for kids to get your child up and moving.

Quiet Music for Kids to Study and Relax To

Set the stage for learning or unwinding with some chill playlists. Here are our top 14 picks for quiet music for kids, from Pandora to Spotify and more.

The Current CDC Vaccine Schedule for Children

One of the most important ways to keep kids healthy is to follow the vaccine schedule for children. Here's the Centers for Disease Control's 2018 guidelines.

Back-to-School Event Ideas for Kids, Friends and Parents

Prepping the kids for a fresh year doesn't have to be a chore. Try our back-to-school event ideas for tips on building excitement, and avoiding groans, in the fall.

Tips for Girls on How to Use a Menstrual Cup

These feminine products are eco-friendly, can last for years– and can be a bit intimidating. Here, a metro Detroit OB-GYN explains how to use a menstrual cup.

Cotton Candy Grapes in Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor

The addictive new fruit can be hard to find. Here's where you can buy cotton candy grapes in southeast Michigan - and more details about these yummy snacks.

Tips to Control Kids Technology and Data Usage During Downtime

Trying to control kids technology use is tricky during unstructured vacation months. These tips can help parents get a grip on screen time any time of year.

Taking a Family Vacation with College Students

Kids who've flown the coop will always be part of the family. Why not take a special trip with them? Here's how to plan a family vacation with college students.

Different Kinds of Bug Bites in Michigan Parents Should Know About

If you spot a potential insect nibble on your child's skin, here are a few different kinds of bug bites in Michigan to keep on your radar.

Pregnancy Cravings and Why Women Have Them

Why do pickles and ice cream make such a wonderful combo to moms to be? Experts dish on the science and reasons behind these oddball pregnancy cravings.