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Embroidery Hoop Craft: Make a No-Sew Wall Pocket

Love no-sew projects? Here are step-by-step directions to craft this wall pocket at home.

How to Make a Snowflake Chandelier

Snow in the forecast? Celebrate the season with this adorable snowflake chandelier. Here, get the scoop on putting it together.

Embroidery Hoop Dream Catcher Craft

Get the tutorial to create this craft at home with your kids.

Fabric Crafts for Kids: Dear Stella’s Dress Me Playground

If you're looking for more awesome crafts for kids, consider crafting one of these adorable DIY ideas.

Family Thumbprint Valentine Craft Gets Everyone Involved

Kids and parents, get those thumbs up! This cute DIY project features ink prints from the entire crew, a perfect decoration for your home for Valentine's Day.

Wax Art Sun Catchers Featuring DIY Melted Crayon Method

Repurpose old Crayolas into a beautiful project to brighten up your family's windows this winter. You'll need wax paper and an iron for this easy fun craft.

Craft Roundup: Mobile, Embroidery Painting, DIY Shelf and Sunglasses

Why not make a project that really lets your kids' personality shine? These cool finds from four creative blogs inspire some fun family ideas that are easy to do.

Tulle Bug Net and Backyard Nature Keeper Jar Crafts

Kids can create a pair of fun DIY projects to help in their backyard adventures using simple costume fabric, embroidery hoops and mason jars.

Craft Roundup: Projects to Help You Get Organized

Ready to get the family in shape for 2013? Get on track with a DIY reward wheel, jumbo chalk board and heck, even resolution hats.

Freezer Paper Cloud Mobile Craft

Harness the breeze on Ride the Wind Day - a silly August holiday custom made for kids - with this DIY mobile project sporting puffy little clouds.

Freezer Paper Stencils Shirts and Self-Portraits

This easy DIY technique lets your kids create cool tuxedo or necklace flair on an everyday T-shirt - or make their own self portrait on a smaller piece of fabric.