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Top Signs Your Child May Have an Eating Disorder

Kids and teens and boys and girls can develop any variety of eating disorders. Dr. Jaime Taylor of Beaumont’s Hough Center for Adolescent Health in Troy has advice for parents.

‘Put Down Your Phone’: Parents Upset About Judgmental Sign

Parenting posters found in a San Francisco neighborhood have some parents outraged. But what's wrong with a reminder to be present with our kids?

Good 'Karma': Danialle Karmanos

Balance is key for this Oakland County mom – from her quest to conquer childhood obesity with yoga, to raising small kids of her own.

Five Ways to Build Structure in Your Family

From chore charts to meal plans, here are a few ways to keep families organized.

Father's Day High Five Handmade Card Project

Kids can show dad he's awesome on June 16, 2014 with this quick DIY greeting that has their own personal stamp. An outline of their hand!

Kids Who are Picky Eaters: What to Do When Meals Become...

Got a major food fight brewing at the family table? Southeast Michigan experts share advice and tips for parents to help avoid or diffuse mealtime struggles.