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Art Hopping Destinations in Detroit, Grand Rapids and Indianapolis

Families can immerse themselves in a variety of artwork and the cultures the pieces derive from at these art-hopping destinations in Michigan and beyond.

3 December Winter Wonders in Michigan, Canada and Wyoming

These three December winter wonders in Michigan, Canada and Wyoming will kick your family's winter fun up a notch, so pack up the car and get in on the fun.

6 Holiday Day Trips in Michigan for Detroit Area Families

A short drive from southeast Michigan will lead you to Christmas villages and holiday experiences. Here are some cool ideas for holiday day trips in Michigan.

Overnight School Trip Packing List for Students

What should your kids pack and take along on a class trip to a camp, big U.S. city – or abroad? Here's a handy overnight school trip packing list of essentials.

Best Vacation Spots for Kids with Special Needs and Families

Skip places that overload your child by choosing one made for them. Start with this list of best vacation spots for kids with special needs.

Michigan Rock Collecting Fun in Petoskey State Park and More

Sept. 16 is Collect Rocks Day. Celebrate at these rock-collecting havens around Michigan.

5 Tips for Going On Vacation Without Kids

Planning a vacation without kids? Here's some advice on how to enjoy the relaxation without feeling guilty.

High Holiday Traveling Numbers Expected in Michigan, Tips for Families

Latest AAA travel forecast expects bump in 2012 holiday traveling for metro Detroit parents and kids. Here are some survival tips for your journeys.