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New Michigan Laws for Families in 2021

COVID dominated lawmakers’ thoughts, but there are a few new Michigan laws that might interest families in metro Detroit and Ann Arbor.

Ways to Keep Kids Active Indoors

Kids bored while stuck in the house? Kick the fun up a notch with these 15 ways to keep kids entertained indoors.

Why Kids Lie

Whether it's a little fib or a whopper of an untruth, kids lie. Find out why and what you can do to help them embrace the truth.

What You Need to Know About Making a Birth Plan

Are they just filling time or do they actually matter when push time comes? Get expert advice on making a birth plan and what you need to know about having one, too.

My Mantra: Share The Little Phrase That Gets You Through

Is there a phrase that gets you through the long and stressful days? Share your mantra with us for a chance to be featured in our magazine and a shot at a $50 Amazon gift card.