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Coronavirus Concerns: What Parents Need to Know

As coronavirus, or COVID-19, reaches pandemic levels, it's important to stay safe and focus on facts. Here's what southeast Michigan parents need to know.

RSV Is on the Rise in Michigan – Here’s How to...

More infants in Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois are getting sick with respiratory syncytial virus. Here's what parents need to know about RSV.

What You Need to Know About the ‘Enhanced’ Flu Vaccine

Learn more about the 'enhanced' flu vaccine, why it can be beneficial for your aging loved ones and where to get vaccinated in southeast Michigan.

Protecting Your Child From the Flu

Flu season is back in 2019-20. Here's what parents need to know about flu symptoms in kids and protecting your child from the flu.

Swine Flu Michigan Case at Fair Prompts Precautions

When it comes to swine flu, Michigan families are at low risk. However, a case at the Fowlerville Fair is a reminder to stay safe and healthy around livestock.