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New Mom Asks for Car After Giving Birth in Her Honda

Sure, the car got dirty during the delivery, but this mom's social media plea for a new auto from the manufacturer is a bit much for my taste.

Kim Kardashian's Expensive Push Present Wish

She's the queen of excess, so it's no surprise that she wants a $1 million gift for birthing her son.

'Crowd Birthing' is a Trendy Spectacle

Many expectant mothers invite throngs of witnesses into their delivery rooms. Is childbirth becoming a spectators sporting event?

Dad Bod: A Body Image Buzzword for the Guys

Some women (and men) are cheering for this average-dude physique. We're all for embracing your body. But isn't it still just sort of objectification?

Healthy Milestones at Every Stage

Learn about the importance of prenatal care, well visits for your child and more from UnitedHealthcare Community Plan.

Mom's Birth Photo Banned as Kim Kardashian's Butt 'Breaks the Internet'

Facebook bans a nude birth, but does nothing about Kim Kardashian's booty cover spread for Paper Magazine that took over the Internet. What's the deal?

Gross Things About Pregnancy and Childbirth No One Tells You

Nausea, discharge and poop, there are tons of strange things that happen to your body before and after pregnancy. Find out what to expect.

Two Mothers Respond to Negative Feedback Over Parenting Choices

A Pennsylvania mom filed a civil complaint against her employer for unsanitary conditions for pumping breast milk, while another mom filed a complaint against a South Carolina hospital over a nurse's nasty note.

Mom's Car Chase/Shooting Death: Postpartum Depression Factor?

The family of Miriam Carey, the victim of a fatal shooting outside the Capitol, says Carey, mother to a 1-year-old, was suffering from mental instability.

Mom Says Think Twice About Getting a Dog If You Plan...

A mom of three urges young couples who plan to have children to shy away from getting a puppy. Read her thoughts - and how people have responded.

Yahoo's New CEO is also a New Mom, Igniting Hot Debate

Marissa Mayer, former Google executive and trailblazer, is now CEO at Yahoo and six months pregnant. Is this too much for a new mother to handle?

Mom to Give Birth in Art Gallery

Birth as exhibit? Marni Kotak, a Brooklyn artist and soon-to-be mother, is doing just that as she prepares for her first child - 'Baby X.'