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10 Classic Parenting Tips That Stand the Test of Time

Set aside the tech and experts. We've boiled things down to 10 classic parenting tips core advice for parents that includes lots of love and room to be human.

Beyond Bad Behavior

When is misbehavior a sign of something more? Find out the steps to get help for your child who acts out at home or school.

Tribute to a 'Good Guy'

When I was in junior high school, I had a classmate named Andy Sosnowski. He was a "long hair" who listened to Metallica and...

Ex-'Teen Mom' Star Gives Daughter $600 for Losing Her Front Teeth

Farrah Abraham tweeted a photo of her 6-year-old daughter Sophia next to the six $100 bills left by the tooth fairy.

Top Parenting Parody Videos

Moms and dads who need a laugh, look no further. You know you can relate to these hilarious parenting parodies.

Dad Makes Son Destroy Xbox Over Bad Grades

After his son received bad grades, this dad forced the child to smash his Xbox. He posted the footage to YouTube and has received mixed reactions for it.

Conversation Topics for Kids, The Rocket Ferndale Spring Toys, Special Needs...

Plus metro Detroit events from the Fox Theatre Detroit to FestiFools in Ann Arbor, answers to 'where are daycares near me?' and more in our April 2015 issue.

Barber Gives 'Benjamin Button' Haircut to Misbehaving Kids

A Georgia barber disciplined his son with an old man haircut and now he's offering to do the same to other kids. Is it a good punishment or emotional abuse?

Education Advice for Parents, Places to Visit in Detroit in Winter,...

Learn about how to make a robot valentine box, cool winter festivals in Michigan and the perils of teens sexting in the February 2015 issue of Metro Parent.

Dad Author Jon Ziegler on Imperfect Parenting, Marriage

This goofy guy from Davison, Michigan wrote a hilarious how not to guide to parenthood. Here, he chats about the good, bad and funny of fatherhood.

Family Gets Restaurant Discount for Well-Behaved Kids

A restaurant owner in Washington state surprises a table with free treats and a $4 discount on their bill - simply because their kids kept calm during dinnertime.

Dad Publicly Shames Toddler Daughter for Pooping in the Shower on...

Father claims he was just making light of a messy situation - but plenty of parents think this latest web humiliation of a kid is a load of, well, you know.