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Preparing for Baby: What to Do When You’re Expecting

Got the word that you've got a bun in the oven? Well, don't panic. Take a breath and read this for a smart start on the path to motherhood.

Top 5 GYN Services You Didn’t Know About

A popular local OB-GYN with the DMC Medical Group explains the services many women aren’t aware of or utilizing – but should be.

Postpartum Depression Help for Moms

After anticipation and excitement, baby finally arrives. While it's supposed to be a happy time for families, many mothers battle postpartum mood disorders.

Having Sex When You’re Pregnant

Should you? Of course! But there are a few things moms-to-be should keep in mind. Here's what you need to know to tackle it physically and emotionally.

Bride Gives Dad Purity Certificate, Proving Intact Hymen

A Maryland bride presented her dad with a certificate to prove her virginity on her wedding day, blatantly ignoring the ambiguous testability of the hymen.

The Right Doctor For Your Teenager

What kind of doctor is best for your teen?