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Losing a Spouse: Moving Forward as an Only Parent

After losing a spouse, how do you grieve for yourself, comfort your kids, make ends meet – and imagine a day when you won't feel so alone?

Why Postpartum Depression Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Find out the signs of postpartum depression and what mothers, fathers and their families should know about getting help.

Opening a College Savings Account for Your Kid

It's never too early to start! Find out the differences between MET and MESP – and how these Michigan 529 plans help families with future costs.

Baby Development Checklist for New Parents

Baby is finally here! It's time to make sure you're not forgetting a single milestone moment. Follow this developmental checklist so you don't miss a thing.

Miss Manners Passes on Gender Reveal Parties

It's normal to be excited about a bouncing new baby, but the Washington Post's Miss Manners argues over-the-top gender reveal parties are taking it too far.

Prenatal Classes Give Parents Confidence

Prenatal classes give mom- and dads-to-be a parenting primer. A local nurse weighs in on the benefits.

Helping Toddlers Adjust to a New Sibling

Baby No. 2 is a big deal to little kids, who often feel jealous or confused. Parents can help toddlers adjust with solo time and other tips and tactics.

What to Eat When Pregnant

A Beaumont Health System doctor provides insight on what to eat when pregnant and foods to avoid while pregnant.

Should Moms Crowdfund Their Maternity Leave?

Some parents claim it's the only way to have much-needed bonding time with baby; others say it's in poor taste. What do you think?

Your Mom is Wrong! Top Medical Myths Debunked

You've probably been on the receiving end of advice from relatives about how to care for your baby's aches and pains, but some counsel is just plain wrong.

Women are Getting Sperm for Free Through Facebook

A man offers his sperm to women free of cost, with great success. What makes this guy so appealing and why would anyone bypass a safe bank for online sperm?

Six Reasons to Attend a Baby Fair

Friends, family, books and your own experience are great, but not enough. For families looking to add to their brood, the Beaumont Baby Fairs this month offer training, peace of mind and some free stuff.