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Water Birth: What You Should Know

What is water birth – and is it the right option for you? Local experts weigh in on this form of childbirth.

12-Year-Old Girl Delivers Her Baby Brother

A Mississippi tween gave the doctor a hand in the birth of her younger brother but while it was a moving experience for her, some parents are calling foul.

A Guide to Baby Poop

Diaper duty is a chance to check on your child's health. Read up on normal poop colors and learn the answer to, 'what should newborn poop look like?'

Reasons a Birth Center May Not Be For You

Things don't always go as planned for moms who want to give birth at a natural birthing center. Here are some reasons why it might not work for you.

Benefits of Eating Fruit While Pregnant

It boosts baby's cognitive development, a recent study says. But should you up your intake?

Danialle Karmanos’ Journey to Natural Birth and a Birth Center

Mom of four and philanthropist Danialle Karmanos shares her birthing experiences and how they shaped her desire to build a natural birth center.

TV Meteorologist Body-Shamed for Her Pregnant Appearance

The Philadelphia woman, who is expecting twins, recently called out viewers who have been criticizing her pregnant body.

Woman 'Tootsee Rolls' Her Way Through Labor Pain

One mom blasted the 69 Boyz's hit 'Tootsee Roll,' in the delivery room and danced her baby out.

Pregnant Hockey Fan Stays Entire Game Despite Going Into Labor

Mom-to-be Donna Lebano was at a Chicago Blackhawks playoff game last week when she started having contractions. But the devoted fan stayed to see the win before giving birth.