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What to Do When Your Child is Failing School: High School...

School is tough for many kids, but what do you do when tough becomes too much? Local teachers offer tips on what to do when your child is failing school.

12 Categories of High School Cliques, Identified

A lot's changed since you ran with your friend crew. Research now finds 12 distinct high school cliques. Learn about them and where they rank in the hierarchy.

Should Michigan Schools Phase Out Valedictorians?

An Ohio school is facing criticism for eliminating the honor, but one school in West Michigan has been doing it for years. Should other schools follow suit?

Michigan’s First Virtual Early Middle College Goes Online

Students enrolled in the Highpoint Virtual Academy of Michigan can join this free three-year program to earn a high school diploma and associate degree.

Senioritis Symptoms and Cures for High School Seniors

If your kid is near the end of high school, be aware of senioritis – it definitely exists! Find out what the senioritis symptoms are and how to curb them.

Time Management Tips for Students

Get insights from a school counselor on time management for students to help them figure out the key to juggling it all and winning the study struggle.