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Best Oakland County Private Schools

Are you looking to send your child to one of the top private schools in Michigan? Then check out these Oakland County private schools.

Best Private Schools for Girls in Metro Detroit

Want your daughter to attend an all-girls school? Browse our list of the best private schools for girls Michigan's metro Detroit area.

Best Private Schools for Boys in Metro Detroit

Your son may thrive at one of the all-male schools here in southeast Michigan. Here's a roundup of the best private schools for boys in the region.

Filling Out Private School Applications: What to Know

Get the 411 on filling out private school applications, including how they work, what they entail at various southeast Michigan private schools and more.

Texas Teacher Gives Terrorist Mock Award to Student

In an end-of-the-year mock election, a junior high teacher presented one of her seventh graders with an award for 'Most likely to become a terrorist.' Seriously.

Mother Angry Over Daughter's Controversial ISIS Assignment

A mother reports her daughter's assignment about ISIS to the school. Is she right for being angry or should she let it go?

Teacher Draws Lewd Artwork on Student's Assignment

An El Paso student's snapshot of an assignment with a penis penciled on by his teacher is getting mixed reviews.

Middle School Students Must Earn Bathroom Passes

Good behavior earns students bathroom breaks at a Texas school. Is the school going too far?

School Faces Backlash After Counselor Posts Gender-Biased Lessons

A counselor at the school planned talks on confidence for girls and future careers for boys, but the district says they'll be taught the same topics.

Talk to Education Experts at Metro Parent's Education Expo

Learn more about the exhibitors and sponsors at the 20th annual Education Expo.