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A Parent's Guide to End-of-Summer Sales

Don't miss the best end-of-summer discounts by following these tips. Plus, get details on what to avoid buying at the end of the season.

Playground Rules Every Parent Should Teach

How can you ensure your child’s safety while swinging or sliding? Get advice from Dave Byrum, owner of Kids Gotta Play.

Helping Kids Deal With Moving Anxiety

It can be a difficult transition for families, but especially hard for kids. Here are six tips to make relocation easier on your children.

How To Maintain Your Backyard Playset or Swing Set

Dave Byrum, owner of Kids Gotta Play, offers the simple steps and suggestions to ensure your child's playset can last for years and years.

What to Know Before Moving a Backyard Playset

For families wondering if they can move their child's beloved swing set or playset, the answer is 'yes.' Advice from Kids Gotta Play can make it easier.

Creating a Soft Landing for Your Child's Playset

Why rubber mulch is the go-to material for extra safety around your child's backyard swing set.

The Benefits of Unstructured Playtime for Kids

Structured activities have their perks, but every kid needs time to just play. Here, Dave Byrum of Kids Gotta Play offers tips on making the most of your child's unstructured playtime.

A Playset That Grows With Your Kids

Concerned that the swing set you buy for your little kids will be outgrown in no time? Consider getting a playset that can be added on and adapted as they grow.

Top Trampoline Safety Tips for Kids

Dave Byrum, owner of Kids Gotta Play, advises parents on the key dos and don'ts of trampoline use to ensure their kids' playtime is fun and safe.

What’s The Best Material for a Playset?

Quality woods offer strength, stability and durability to kids' playsets and swingsets.

Preparing Your Yard for a Playset

Dave Byrum, owner of Kids Gotta Play, offers advice on prepping your yard for a swingset, where to place it and how to decide what size is right for your backyard space.

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