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How to Maintain Healthy Sleep Habits During the Holidays

A metro Detroit expert shares tips for healthy sleep habits during the holidays and preventing extra holiday stress on account of overtired kids.

Does School Start Too Early?

Studies say later start times may help sleepy tweens' and teens' academic success – and even prevent obesity.

Co-Sleeping with Tweens: Should Bed-Sharing Have an Age Limit?

People are quick to criticize a UK mom for sleeping with her 9- and 10-year-old sons every night while dad sleeps in another room. Is it such a big deal?

Parenting Your Child with Special Needs

10 things every parent should know to make life better for you and your child.

Sleeping Kids Photo Gallery

Cute kid alert: Flip through this gallery of snoozing sweethearts.

Solutions for Summer Sleep Saboteurs

Solutions to squash the top four reasons kids can have trouble sleeping during the hotter, summer months.

ChuChi Plushie Night-Light

Keep the monsters out of your kid's room with this huggable glowing stuffed animal from Banana Design Lab.