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When Parents Play Favorites Among Their Children

Find out why parents often give one child preferential treatment over another, when parents showing favoritism is OK and how to curb parental favoritism.

Long-Term Effects of Parental Favoritism

Do you ever play favorites among your kids, or know parents who do? The impact, good and bad, may run deeper than you think.

Do Your Chores: Why Kids Should Pitch in at Home

Fed up with nagging and pleading? It is possible to get your kids to pitch in, and it's good for them, too.

Talking to Teens About Their Friend’s Risky Behavior

Parenting a teenager is stressful, especially when their friends start upping the ante with risky experiences. How do you address these behaviors?

Making Kids Give Hugs and Kisses: Should Parents Stop?

It's a common issue for parents who feel torn between offending relatives and respecting kids' choices. Two southeast Michigan psychologists weigh in.

The Greatest Gifts Parents Can Give Kids

Searching for the best gifts for kids? Here are things you should give your kids that don't come under a tree and that keep giving after the holidays.

Recipe for a Healthy Marriage Relationship for Parents

Settling down is just step one. Real wedded bliss takes hard work, time and attention especially with kids in the mix. Here are key ingredients.

Quality Time Matters More Than Quantity, Study Finds

A recent study says the number of hours moms spend with kids has nothing to do with their emotional or behavioral health.

Ideas for Family Therapy Sessions: Making the Most of Family Therapy

Think your family might need therapy to sort out your differences? A local expert explains how to find the right doctor and how therapy can help.

25 Years of Parenting: A Look Back and Ahead

On our 25th anniversary in 2011, Metro Parent looked at how family philosophies, models, discipline trends, worries and more have evolved.

The Importance of Date Night for Parents

Forget the excuses. Forget the guilt. It's really good for your relationship - and your kids. Here are some tips on scheduling this special time.

Teen Dating Violence High; Girls Both Victims and Abusers

A new study shows how common abusive adolescent relationships are, with girls reporting higher numbers all around. Experts weigh in with advice for parents.