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College Planning Guide: Tips and Advice for Teens and Parents

Which one? What will it cost? When should you start thinking about it? What does your child have to do to stand out? Relax: You're about to be schooled with this college planning guide.

MET Savings and Where to Find Them

Small ways your family can save big bucks for college.

10 Biggest Myths About College Savings

Michigan Education Trust clears the air on 10 common misconceptions.

Opening a College Savings Account for Your Kid

It's never too early to start! Find out the differences between MET and MESP – and how these Michigan 529 plans help families with future costs.

MET Savings Fit for Every Family

No matter your budget, MET has a plan that will work for you. Get details and get saving for your child’s future.

5 Reasons Affording Your Child’s College Dreams is Easier Than Ever

Invest in a Michigan Education Trust contract in April for big perks and peace of mind.

College Savings Plans – Explained

It's easy to get overwhelmed by the idea of setting up a college savings plan for your kids. But it doesn't have to be! For College Savings Month, we break down the key questions to help shine a light on how you can help your child afford a bright future.

What is a Private College?

We break down the basics of this higher education option, address the cost of private college and highlight private school benefits.

Three Reasons to Start Saving for College This Month

Section 529 college savings plans like the one offered by Michigan Education Trust make it easy for parents to save for higher education costs.

How to Pay for Tomorrow’s College Education Today

Michigan Education Trust's Pay-As-You-Go option lets parents buy college credits for their kids at today's prices without paying for a semester at once.

The Educational Path to College

College readiness doesn't start in the teen years. See what knowledge your child picks up at each stage in life that prepares them for higher education.

What You Should Know About College Savings Plans

September is College Savings Month, making it a perfect time to find out how they work, what kinds there are and how to use one to help afford your child’s college dreams.