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Mom’s Photo Series Takes on Mom Shaming

Abbie Fox, a Las Vegas-based photographer and mom, highlights ways mothers are judged for their parenting decisions. Can't we all just support each other?

Neighbor Calls Cops and Child Services on Girl Walking Her Dog

The 8-year-old and her dog were in eyeshot of her house and her mom, but a neighbor reported it anyway. Was this the right call or an overreaction?

Mom Shames Breastfeeding Woman Over Concerns for Her Sons Who Weren’t...

The woman was completely covered as she breastfed her 7-week-old and was apparently nowhere near anyone's sons, but that didn't stop a nearby cretin from berating her over it.

New York Times Gives Advice on ‘Mom Haircuts’

A recent piece in the fashion and style section talks about moms cutting their hair short and offers tips on what they should do instead.