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Baby Yoda is Coming to Build-A-Bear (And We Can’t Wait)

The beloved character from Disney's 'The Mandalorian' has been noticeably absent from store shelves, but you'll find Baby Yoda at Build-A-Bear workshops soon.

4 Kids Bedtime Mistakes Good Parents Make

Having trouble getting your children to sleep? Here are four kids bedtime mistakes that could be ruining your night – and how moms and dads can fix them.

What to Do When Parents Do Their Kids’ Science Projects

One mom says she's embarrassed of her child's science project in comparison to other projects that are clearly done by other parents. Here, some local parents weigh in on the issue.

Survey: Gen Alpha Kids Care More About Equality, Environment Than Adults

Kids born in 2010 or later are likely more passionate about school safety, food access, equality and the environment than their moms and dads, a study says.

Color Deficiency and Colorblindness in Kids

Can your child see the number in the circle shown here? If not, it could be time for a trip to the ophthalmologist. Learn more about colorblindness in kids.

Managing Kids’ Collections: Tips for Parents

Many kids love gathering things. Whether it's Shopkins or stamps, though, managing kids' collections is also important. Here's how to keep stashes in check.

Are You Chill or Crisp? Take the Parenting Burnout Quiz to...

It's a real, research-backed phenomenon. How would you do on a parenting burnout quiz? Take ours to find out. Then learn how to reclaim your calm.

Boy’s Tale of Principal Eating Worms Airs on The Story Pirates

9-year-old Jonah Marshall from Farmington Hills turned his funny school assembly into a hit story on the popular children's podcast The Story Pirates

The Protective Italian Mom and Wild Child Ferndale Dad

European and American parenting cultures collide for this family living in Italy. Here, mom details some of the differences – and how they've struck a balance.

Do You Suspect a Family Member Hates Your Kid?

An Oakland County psychologist weighs in on how to deal and what moms and dads should do when it seems like a family member hates your kid.

Holiday Party Saran Wrap Ball Game for Families Video

Pep up that family party with the saran wrap ball game! Watch our video on how to turn it into the ultimate stocking stuffer – and find out how it's played.

Transitioning Kids from Believing in Santa to Becoming Santa

Having a chat with children about St. Nick can is a time-honored challenge. But helping them realize they're capable of becoming Santa is a very powerful lesson.