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Beyond Sleeping Bear

Michigan isn’t the only Midwest place with some dandy dunes. Take a trip to Indy for a fall adventure.

Plan Ahead September 2014

--------------- MACOMB -------------- Children’s Etiquette Tea REG: ASAP in advance; 36 spots DOE: Sunday, Sept. 7 Kids ages 6-13 learn everyday etiquette, introductions, handshakes and table manners. Includes...

Indiana's Dune Country, a Family Trip Beyond Sleeping Bear

Michigan isn't the only Midwest place with some dandy dunes. Take a trip to Indy for a fall adventure.

Traveling Through Trails, Time & Troy Scavenger Hunt

Gather your little ones and explore different buildings and parks in the city of Troy, June 15-Sept. 3, 2013.

How to Reclaim Family Weekend Fun and Together Time

Running with out a break? Break away a bit. Find fun that'll appeal to parents and kids alike - and relish simple moments and surprises. Here's how!

Mom Susan Westhoff of Leslie Science and Nature Center in Ann...

The great outdoors is a job, a joy and a family affair for the executive director of this Washtenaw County gem - and her two young kids love that Critter House.

Detroit Museum Adventure Pass

The popular southeast Michigan cultural exploration program, offering awesome family discounts, is heading online May 25-Sept. 3, 2012.

Mayor's Green Fair on Main Street in Ann Arbor

One Friday evening. One big goal! Join hundreds of families in Tree Town June 8, 2012 for eco-minded food, exhibits, tips and environmental fun.

Afterschool Family Fun

Liven up the evening for kids and parents alike with these 10 fun activities to do together.

I Love My Public Library

You may never realize how much you love your local library, until you are in danger of losing it.

I Hate Being a Procrastinator

Putting things off can create a lot of mistakes and missed opportunities.