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Newborn Skincare: Why You Shouldn't Wash Baby Right Away

A local certified nurse practitioner weighs in on why you should wait to wash your baby after giving birth.

Proper Baby Wearing Wrap Techniques

Here's what parents should know about baby wearing and how to ensure they're doing it right.

Best Baby Gear for Anxious Parents

Would you say you're an anxious person? If so, when baby arrives, you'll definitely want this gear, which can help you monitor baby and ease your nerves.

Best Nutrients for Baby

Why water is a no-no for little ones and tips on feeding baby.

10 Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep

Swaddling, white noise and a consistent routine are popular baby sleep solutions that might work for your sleep-hesitant infant.

Putting the ‘Fun’ Back in Parenting

Studies say parenting is a drag. Metro Parent talked to Jennifer Senior, author of 'All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenthood,' about changing that.

Little Monsters Kids Toy Store in Lake Orion

Toys, art and 'really cool stuff' come together at this Oakland County gem that has plush animals, retro toys, games, educational fare and tons more.

Importance of Baby Talk, Getting Dads to Engage Kids

Dads don't communicate with their infants as much as moms do, a new study says. Experts from Rainbow Child Care Center provide tips for getting dads to talk to baby.

Treatment for Top Summer Dangers

Henry Ford Health System's Dr. Jacqueline Moore offers insights on when insect bites, sunburn and dehydration need medical help.

Float Baby 'Spa' Offers Relaxing Pool Paradise for Babies

Infants chill in calm waters, literally, at a Houston business complete with gentle massage for wee ones. Is it over-the-top pampering or actually beneficial?

Local Resources for Parents of Deaf Children, Hard of Hearing Kids

Looking for assistance, support and resources for your deaf or hard of hearing family or child? Check out this list of local organizations.

Mothers Use Private Facebook Group to Bully Toddlers

Cyberbullying typically involves tweens and teens, but a new group has jumped on the bandwagon: moms. They took to the social media site to bash a bunch of toddlers, some disabled or with genetic disorders.