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Childhood Obesity is Declining, According to New Study

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that obesity rates among low-income, preschool-aged children are shrinking - and it's happening right here in Michigan, too.

New Breast Milk Flavored Lollipops Hit the Market

Lollyphile, a Texas-based lollipop company, released its newest flavor this week - and the kid-friendly treat has caused quite a stir.

Newborn Baby Sleep Patterns: Tips for First-Time Parents

Puzzled by why your child sleeps a ton at times and then is awake all night? Get insight into some of the reasons and how to smooth the adjustment.

Revised Childhood and Adolescent Immunization Schedule for 2013

The newly updated U.S. resource has a different format and added recommendations. But what's this mean for parents and kids? A southeast Michigan pediatrician helps explain.

Oh Mother Year in Review: Top 10 Crazy Parenting Moments of...

If it's shocking, stupid or just plain silly, these parents have done it in the past year. Here's our roundup of the most memorable Oh Mother blog stories.

New Gene Linked to Infant Vision Loss, Researchers Say

Discovery helps understand Leber congenital amaurosis and provides a step toward sight-saving gene therapy for babies with severe eye problems.

Yahoo's New CEO is also a New Mom, Igniting Hot Debate

Marissa Mayer, former Google executive and trailblazer, is now CEO at Yahoo and six months pregnant. Is this too much for a new mother to handle?

Bye-Bye Bald Babies: Company Sells Wigs for Newborns

Online company Baby Bangs hawks hair pieces for baby girls. Is this a darling, harmless fad? Or just an unnecessary, and kinda creepy, waste?

Choosing a Doctor for Your Newborn

Henry Ford doctor offers advice on picking the right health care expert for your baby.

Getting Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night

Follow these guidelines and your little one will be soundly sleeping through the night.

The Importance of Sleep

How much should kids get?