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Sons Put Up Billboard Requesting People Wish Their Dad a Happy...

The guys plastered their dad's face and phone number on a billboard and asked people to wish him a happy birthday. People responded in a big way.

Baseball Mom Heckles Son in First College Game

Does heckling your child as they're playing collegiate sports help them perform better? One mom certainly thinks so, and some sports blogs seem to agree.

Latest Web Challenge has Parents Throwing Cheese at Babies

Parents are filming themselves flinging slices of cheese at their babies' heads to fulfill the "cheesed challenge." And yes, it's just as dumb as it sounds.

Dad Puts Microphone in 4-Year-Old’s Hockey Helmet

Jeremy Rupke was curious what his tyke thought about when he plays hockey, so dad installed a mic to find out. What he caught is both adorable and inspiring.

Chuck E. Cheese’s Accused of Recycling Pizza, Denies Claims

In a two-part series on popular conspiracies, YouTuber Shane Dawson claims Chuck E. Cheese's reuses pizza. The entertainment giant denies it. What do you think?

Cops Want Mom to Stop Looking for Dates for Her College...

The dating world can be unforgiving. If this student had trouble finding love before, he's really going to suffer now that he's 'that guy with the creepy mom.'

Teen Gets Vaccinated Against His Mom’s Wishes

Growing up, the teen’s mom opted him out. But, as he got older, he did his own research and felt she was wrong. So, at age 18, he got vaccinated anyway.

‘Death Metal Grandma’ Thrashes Stereotypes in Unlikely Way

It looks like a bizarre attention grab at first. But this 97-year-old Holocaust survivor is seriously taking on fascism, ageism and more with heavy metal music.

Denver Mom Dancing in Snowy Traffic Standstill Embarrasses Son

What's more fun than embarrassing your teenagers? Having your video for it go viral. This Colorado mom nailed it and even got props from the Backstreet Boys.

Mom Accidentally Donates Adult Son’s Mickey Mouse Mug with $6,500 Inside

Apparently the poor guy had sold his car and stashed the cash in the bright yellow traveler. Mom didn't realize it – and gave the cup to Goodwill. Whoops.

Teacher Arrested for Using Health Insurance to Help Sick Student

One Indiana educator learned that no good deed goes unpunished after being arrested for using her insurance to help her student buy medicine.

Toddler Walks Towards Police with Hands Up as Dad is Arrested

At first, it appeared the Florida girl was being arrested by the cops in a viral video. As it turned out, however, her father was wanted for armed theft.