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Man Arrested for Hitting Dad With Pizza Over His Birth Story

The Florida man reportedly pinned his father to a chair and shoved pizza in his face after finding out his dad helped deliver him 33 years ago.

Woman Swaddles Up for 336th Month Birthday Photo Shoot

A photographer wrapped her friend in a fuzzy blanket, slapped a bow in her hair and set her in the middle of a large wreath to recreate a newborn photo.

Funny ‘Bird Box’ Memes for Moms and Dads

The smash-hit Netflix scary movie with metro Detroit roots has launched loads of blindfold memes – and families are getting serious comic relief in the process.

Mom Calls Babysitter ‘Stuck Up’ for Wanting Money, Not Ice Cream

The mom refused to pay her sitter for eight hours of work, insisting the 'fun' and 'ice cream' were sufficient. We have some choice words for this cheapskate.

Oregon Dad Places New Zealand Dating Ad for Three Grown Sons

The family was heading on a holiday trip, so dad decided to have a little fun and place a classified ad on behalf of the three 'alas unmarried' brothers.

Mom Calls Police on Teen Son for Not Waking Up for...

A Michigan mom got fed up with her 14-year-old oversleeping and being late for school. So she went for the parenting win – and got the heat involved.

Santa Letter Shredding Tweet Lands UPS on the Naughty List

The package delivery service tweeted they'd shred kids' letters to Santa. Parents weren't too keen on that. We see their point and offer a learning opportunity.

Mom Accidentally Sends Blow-Up Sex Toy to Son’s School Nativity

A Scotland mom bought a blow-up sheep on Amazon and sent it to school with her kid for his Christmas play. Turns out this sheep was a different kind of 'holy.'

Michigan Public School’s Three Wise Men Display Sparks Debate

The school board of Newaygo opted to keep its Magi decor atop a public elementary school. Not surprisingly, the reception has ranged from jolly to Grinch-y.

Woman Cancels Baby Shower After Family Criticizes Baby Name

The unidentified mom-to-be couldn't handle the ridicule, so she nixed the celebration altogether – in a Facebook post that has since gone viral.

Parent’s ‘Delusional’ Babysitting Demands Post Goes Viral

Mary Poppins, step aside. It's going to take more than a spoonful of sugar to satisfy the babysitter demands listed in a Facebook post that took off on Reddit.

New York Dad Accidentally Dunks Baby in Snow

Dad was playing in the snow with his kids when he put his toddler down in a drift that swallowed the tot whole. Dad got him out immediately, but still – what a dad fail.