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CARE of Southeastern Michigan Parenting Conference in Clinton Township

The 25th annual CARE of Southeastern Michigan Parenting Conference returns to Clinton Township on March 7, 2020, with workshops and presentations for parents and caregivers.

Workshops and Educational Resources for Parents in Detroit

Searching for a educational resources for parents in Detroit? Here are some options that offer college prep, tutoring, parenting workshops and more.

Is it OK to Let Kids Scream?

Letting a child work through his emotions is important, says a local child and adolescent psychologist.

Mother Accidentally Sets Daughter on Fire Trying to Treat Head Lice

A 5-year-old girl suffers second- and third-degree burns when her mom uses a dangerous at-home remedy: gasoline.

Mom Leaves Infant in Car with Note While She Shops

A New Zealand mother left her baby asleep in her locked vehicle while she went shopping. How do we know? She left a note to explain - you know, just in case there was a problem.

Mom Calls 911 To 'Scare' Toddlers Into Good Behavior

Melissa Townsend of Florida tried to get police to come to her home to teach her two kids a 'lesson' in respect. It's got parents fired up over this disciplinary action.