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Best Vacation Spots for Kids with Special Needs and Families

Skip places that overload your child by choosing one made for them. Start with this list of best vacation spots for kids with special needs.

Smartbe Stroller Could Be the Future of Strollers

It's 'halfway to nanny robot' and it's a bit too tech for me. Learn more about its features and why I'm not sold.

Tough Topic, Tough Talk

When I took over as editor of Metro Parent almost 10 years ago, my esteemed predecessor, the Pulitzer-prize winning Sheryl James, gave me a...

Hurricane Sandy: Talking to Kids About Natural Disasters

In the wake of the punishing east coast storm, many southeast Michigan kids have questions and concerns. Here are nine ways parents can effectively approach the topic.

Wind Up Workshop Robots

Get inventive with these robot-making kits for kids ages 7 and up, from Creativity for Kids.