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Top 5 Sneaky Places Teens Hide Drugs

Parents beware: After reading this list, you’ll start seeing the drug-concealing potential of every household item. Get informed with this insightful read.

Prepaid Credit Cards and Kids

Is a prepaid 'credit' card right for your tween or teen? Some families are trying it and finding it can teach valuable lessons.

Easter Seals Story: Getting Help for Bullying

It's a reality many tween and teen kids know too well. Learn how one, Nick Brown, grew more confident and overcame challenges with Easter Seals Michigan.

Teens Struggle Across Nation to Find Summer Jobs For Fifth Year

The poor economy has hurt adolescents' prospects. What's the outlook for southeast Michigan kids - and what impact could it have on their futures?

Easter Seals Getting Help for Teen Depression

Jillian Lustig is among the reported 16 percent of Michigan high school students who have considered suicide. Here's how she got help - and what parents should know.

Allowing Your Teen to Have Sex – In Your House

Angelina Jolie's mom was cool with it when her kid was just 14, and the actress says it's a good thing. Pros and parents pipe up on a taboo topic.

Teens and Tanning Beds

Experts expose some of the real risks kids face - from rashes to deadly melanoma.