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What to Do if Your Big Kid Reverts Back to Baby...

A local professional weighs in on baby talk in older children and what parents can do to curb the problem.

Preschool Decision: Guide to Picking the Right Preschool for Your Child

Should you pick a cooperative, childcare-based, church-affiliated, Montessori or school district affiliated program? Get a bit of insight.

Comfort Kids or Show Tough Love?

Children cry. Do they need a hug – or tough love? Here's what one local expert has to say.

Helping Teens Cope with the Long-Term Effects of a New Move

A recent study found that teens who move have higher rates of suicide attempts, depression and more. Here's how to help them cope with a new move.

Make It! Write It! Read It! Book Review

This read is dedicated to bookmaking for kids – and offers 23 cool projects to try. We chatted with the book's author about her recently-released book.

How to Manage Your Child’s Anger

Got a big kid who's prone to temper tantrums? Here are six steps to help parents deal with anger issues in children.

Freezing up on Tests: How to Help Your Kids

Does your child gets nervous and anxious when exams roll around? Here are ways parents can help them boost confidence and blast that panic.

Metro Parent's September 2014 Cover Shoot Outtakes

CoverKid Yasmin, 12, of Farmington Hills shows off her athletic side for this month's cover. Peek at the photos that didn't make the cut!

Detroit Parent Network: Empowering Parents and Transforming Lives

Sharlonda Buckman is the CEO of the Detroit Parent Network. Here, she discusses her job, her inspiration and her enthusiasm for education.