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Most Parents Don’t Think They’re Raising Healthy Eaters

A new poll from the University of Michigan Health System finds only a third of parents believe they're doing a good job encouraging healthy eating.

Creepy Clowns in Michigan: Safety Tips for Kids

It's a weird trend that's caught on this Halloween season. What should your child do if they see one somebody dressed as a clown lurking around?

Sneaky Ways Teens Smoke Pot and What Parents Should Do

A recent study finds teenagers are using e-cigarettes to vaporize marijuana, meaning there's no telltale smell involved. Here's what parents should know.

What is Lupus Disease? Knowing the Signs of Lupus in Children...

For Lupus Awareness Month, a local mom tells her experience with lupus, and her daughter's. Plus, Children's Hospital of Michigan weighs in on the autoimmune disease.