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How to Throw a Kids Birthday Party on a Budget

Planning a kids birthday party on a budget? Here are tried-and-true tips to throw your child a kick-butt celebration on the cheap.

Fun Sack Lunch Ideas for School

Jazz up your kids' lunches with these fun sack lunch ideas! With these cool eats, they'll look forward to opening their brown bags each day.

Top Birthday Party Themes for Girls

Looking for birthday party themes for girls? Try a princess, rockstar, luau, butterfly or zoo animals approach. Our list covers all you'll need!

New Year’s Eve Drinks for Kids

Ring in the New Year with these drinks – non-alcoholic, of course, for everyone in the family to enjoy!

Throwing a Bumblebee Birthday Party for Kids

Why not celebrate your tot's next birthday with some bumblebee-themed fun? Find some creative bee-themed party ideas to celebrate with flair.

Facebook Garage Sales

Interested in selling on Facebook? Learn about listing items, where to meet and sell and how to handle unsatisfied customers.

Fun Sack Lunch Recipe Ideas for Kids

There's just a couple months left of school, so jazz up your kids' lunches! With these cool eats, they'll look forward to opening their brown bags each day.

Kellogg Foundation Program Officer Sharnita Johnson

Thanks to the Kellogg Foundation's new Detroit-based office, she's able to see her efforts pay off in the city she calls home.

Families Living in Poverty in Southeast Michigan

In our state, 25 percent of kids now live in poverty. What does it mean to grow up poor in metro Detroit? What are their hopes for the future? Local families share their reality.