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Symptoms of Celiac Disease in Children

What signs and symptoms of celiac disease to look for, plus details on a gluten-free diet for kids.

Top Tips for Kids Suffering from IBS

An expert from the Children's Hospital of Michigan explains what habits – eating and otherwise – can help kids cope with irritable bowel syndrome.

Sensitive Stomach or Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

A top pediatric gastroenterologist from Children's Hospital of Michigan shares the symptoms of IBS and what parents should know.

Powerful Magnets: More Kids Hospitalized after Swallowing Them

The rare earth element has caused spikes in ER visits in the last 10 years, a new study says. The government and parents are growing more aware of the dangers.
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Michigan Science Center Welcomes New Earth. Wind. Weather. Exhibit

Detroit's science hub is set to teach kids the wonders of our planet's weather systems with its latest exhibit.

The Importance of Teaching Kids Financial Literacy

Knowing how to handle money responsibly is a key skill. An expert with Macomb County's Michigan State University Extension Center explains why and how to teach it.

What Every Parent Should Know About Developmental Delays

You have a new baby in your life. But how will you know if your child is developing normally? An expert from the Autism Alliance of Michigan offers some insight.

Adaptive Sports for Kids with Disabilities and Special Needs

In search of adaptive sports for kids with physical or developmental disabilities? Here are local sports programs for kids with special needs in the metro Detroit and Ann Arbor areas.