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5 Major Risks and Common Injuries from Trampolines

One bad trampoline fall could land your child in the emergency room this summer, says a Children’s Hospital of Michigan pediatric orthopedic surgeon. Here’s what every parent should know about trampoline risks.

About the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Emergency Department

Find out why this local hospital focused on kids is the best place to go in an emergency.

When Is It Time to Bench Your Child?

At what point is a sports-related injury enough to pull your child from playing sports – temporarily or longer term? A Children's Hospital of Michigan sports medicine specialist weighs in.

Top Preventable Sports-Related Injuries in Kids

Sports are physically intense, and that means an increased chance for various injuries. Children’s Hospital of Michigan offers advice to help prevent your little athlete from a serious sports injury.

Metro Parent's 2011 Mom Approved Docs

Local parents chose the top pediatricians, kids' dentist and other family doctors in southeastern Michigan. See who made the list – and read comments from local moms and dads!