Gimme, Gimme! Kidzaw Master Kitz

Unleash your child's inner artist with this painting kit that allows kids to mimic famous artists like van Gogh, Claude Monet and more.

Attention Deficit Disorders Insights

Dr. George L. Blum from Southfield Pediatrics discusses ADD and ADHD and how these disorders can be regulated.

Ages 3-7: Metro Parent Summer 2011 Reading List

Little kids ready to hit the vacation books? Two southeast Michigan libraries offer top classics, new releases and hidden gems.

The Only Child

As the number of only kids in families grows, especially with the economy sputtering, experts weigh in on this bad rap.

Raising an Only Child

Parents can help their 'singletons' by fostering social opportunities, urging independence and more.

I Hate 'Losing It'

Everybody loses control at some point, and sometimes, Mommy just needs a time out!

Stumped by Story Problems?

Try this four-step solution to help coach frustrated students through these tricky math problems.

Perfectionism and Learning

Could fear of making mistakes be hurting your child's ability to learn? Discover the perils of perfectionism and how to help.

Lice Ain't Nice

When your child comes home with a note from school reporting someone in the class has lice, don't panic. Just read this!

TV as Teacher?

When used in a positive manner, television can be a great tool for teaching ideal behaviors and encouraging creativity.

Naptime for Toddlers

Having to tend to your little one's need for daytime z's? Here's advice on making that transition.

Choosing After-School Day Care

Here are some tips on making the right day care choice - and transition - with your kid.
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Family Road Trip Guide: Santa Claus, Indiana

Brought to you by Southeast Michigan Ford Dealers.

What To Do When Your Child Has the Flu

Brought to you by Henry Ford Health

How to Plan for Monthly Car Costs

The cost of buying a car can quickly add up, and many people aren't ready for the hit to their monthly budget.

Cities With The Most Expensive Homes in Metro Detroit

These 30 cities top the list for priciest homes in the metro area.