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Spouse or Roommate? What to Do When It’s Getting Hard to...

When the romance has dwindled and the stress of kids and everyday life has ramped up, it's easy for couples to fall into a pattern where they feel more like business partners than life mates. How can you get back on track?

How Parents Can Show Kids What Grown-Up Love Looks Like

From listening and hanging out to holding hands, giving compliments and even being happy to help out, here are 12 ways to show children what emotional maturity in relationships looks like.

Is it OK for Teens to be Friends With Young Adults?

As teens get older, they might make friends with an older person – maybe even a young adult. Is this OK, and what rules should you enforce if you allow it?

How to Break Up with Your Kids’ Friends’ Parents

Jodyne L. Speyer, the author of the book 'Dump 'Em,' offers eight ways to break up with your kids friends parents without hurting your kid's friendships.