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10 Kid-Friendly Podcasts Your Kids Should Listen To

Is your kid getting too much screen time? Keep them entertained and let their imaginations soar by listening to some of these kid-friendly podcasts at home or on the go.

Tips to Controlling Kids Technology and Data Usage During Downtime

Controlling kids technology and data usage is tricky during unstructured vacation months. These tips can help parents get a grip on that screen time.

Cut Back On Family Screen Time for Screen-Free Week

Looking to cool it on the tube? Try these six tips to cut back on your family's TV and computer time for Screen-Free Week in April/May and beyond.

Toddlers’ Screen Time Has Doubled, Study Finds

Early childhood screen time is on the rise – and, specifically, toddlers' screen time has doubled since 1997, researchers say. Here's what the study found.

The Effects of Too Much Screen Time

Henry Ford Health System's Dr. Stacy Leatherwood discusses digital devices and sleep.