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Protecting The Elderly From COVID

Everyone is at risk of contracting coronavirus, but seniors are especially vulnerable. Here, we offer a rundown on protecting the elderly from COVID.

Huron Valley Home Care Agency Expands to Livingston County

Ypsilanti's Huron Valley Home Care Agency is expanding. Find out what this local organization can offer vulnerable, older adults in southeast Michigan.

What You Need to Know About the ‘Enhanced’ Flu Vaccine

Learn more about the 'enhanced' flu vaccine, why it can be beneficial for your aging loved ones and where to get vaccinated in southeast Michigan.

Study Finds that Strict Glycemic Control May Not Be Effective for...

Experts have mixed opinions on glycemic control and if it's helpful to older adults. Find out why and learn which glucose monitors to consider if you want to keep track.

Buttons 2 Button by Metro Detroit Mom Makes Dressing Easier

One Farmington Hills mom saw first-hand how hard dressing can be for people with limited dexterity, so she invented the Buttons 2 Button clothing adapter.

Exercise for Seniors: Easy Moves to Keep Aging Parents Active

Keeping active is key for our aging parents – but it can be challenging physically and mentally. Try these eight easy ways to introduce exercise for seniors.

What To Do If Your Aging Parents Experience Cognitive Changes

It's a painful reality for many adults when their aging parents experience cognitive changes. Find out how to get your parent evaluated and what to expect.