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Show Off Your Sharpie Style with Sharpie Drawings and Crafts

Use some Sharpie markers and helpful tips from book 'Your Sharpie Style' to create a cute tote with your kids.

Sharpie Inspiration: Sharpie Art Ideas for Kids

Sharpie markers can be used for all sorts of cool crafts! Get the scoop on four ideas here.

How to Make a Dots-and-Dashes Ice Cream Bowl

Create your own bowl to eat this chilly treat at home with the family. Get the how-to here.

Minecraft Creeper Tote Bag DIY Project for Kids

Get the how-to here to create your very own bag.

Cool Shoes and Footwear for Kids for Measure Your Feet Day

Show your children's soles some appreciation on Jan. 23 - which is 'Measure Your Feet Day' - with these nifty boots, slippers, sandals and even shoe tattoos.

Freezer Paper Stencils Shirts and Self-Portraits

This easy DIY technique lets your kids create cool tuxedo or necklace flair on an everyday T-shirt - or make their own self portrait on a smaller piece of fabric.

Cabin Fever Cure

Family starting to go stir-crazy? Try out these 30 sanity-saving ideas to salvage winter fun!