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Georgia School Asks Parents Permission to Paddle Kids

One school wants to use the archaic form of punishment on students and will suspend students whose parents say no. We think the risks outweigh any payoff.

Indiana Dad Goes Viral for Hawking ‘Free Ass Whoopins’

A father of five set up a corporal punishment stand in his driveway to dole out paddlings to naughty children. Reviews were mixed, and the backstory is kinda messed up, too.

Parent Discipline Types and How to Strike a Balance

Are you a law-and-order Tiger Mom or a big softie? Find out the pros and cons of each parenting style and how you can strike a balance.

France Bans Spanking, Other ‘Cruel’ Parenting Behaviors

It's the 52nd country to make spanking illegal. Do you think the U.S. should ban it, too?

Why I’d Never Spank My Kids

Farmington Hills mom Rebecca Kavanagh doesn't spank her kids because she thinks it teaches them that violence is a viable option.

Why I’ve Spanked My Kids

Harrison Township mom Rebecca Thomas explains why she’s spanked her kids when they’re younger and how this form of discipline works for her family.

Dad Turns Home into ‘Jail’ to Punish 3-Year-Old Daughter

As a way to teach his toddler a lesson, a Texas dad created a prison-like environment for his daughter and posted photos to social media, causing a buzz.

Should Foster Parents Be Allowed to Spank?

Potential foster parents were denied because they spank their biological children, even though they agreed they would not spank any foster kids.

Dad Calls Cops to Witness Daughter's Spanking Punishment

A Florida father wanted no false accusations when he decided his 12-year-old needed spanking - so he called the police. Do parents really need law enforcement backup?

Parents Spanking Children as a First Resort

More parents are using corporal punishment to discipline kids for all sorts of trivial reasons, according to a new study. A local psychologist weighs in.

Metro Parent's June 2014 Cover Shoot Outtakes

CoverKid Lorelei, 5, of Rochester Hills is ready for a road trip this summer! Peek at the photos that didn't make the cut for our cover.

Dad Beats Child for Dropping a Baseball, Gets Caught on Video

Anthony Sanchez, also an elected California official, is in big trouble for hitting his stepson after his neighbor filmed the scenario and posted it online.