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Teaching Your Daughter How to Use a Tampon

Want to teach your daughter how to use a tampon? A local doctor weighs in with tips and information for parents.

Self-Defense for Teens: Tips, Techniques and Advice

Here are some tips on self-defense for teens to keep them protected when they are out and about without mom and dad.

Teen’s First Concert: How Parents Can Make it Safe and Fun

It's one your kids will always remember. Make it a positive experience for all with this guide to help families navigate the night (and nix embarrassment).

Teens Use Shot Glasses on Lips for Kylie Jenner Challenge

The #KylieJennerChallenge recently blew up online and tons of teens are sucking on shot glasses to achieve the reality star's luscious lips.

Thigh Gap Fixation Could Lead to Eating Disorders Among Teenage Girls

The newest Internet craze depicts an unattainable figure that young women are eagerly trying to achieve. Could this be the latest cause of body issues and eating disorders?

Skechers Daddy'$ Money Shoes for Girls Create Controversy

A new line of wedge sneakers marketed to tweens and teens has many moms' jaws dropping open – and wallets closing. Does this 'cash grab' go too far?

Facebook Parenting: Dad Gives Teen Daughter a Tough Lesson

In a viral video, a North Carolina father reads and refutes his kid's wall rant about her chores and parents – and shoots up her beloved laptop with a gun.

Crotchless Panties for Sale at a Kids and Teen Store

Colorado - and local - parents are outraged over 'kiddie lingerie' thongs that were marketed at teens in a new mall store.