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After Sandy Hook: Reevaluating School Security Measures in Southeast Michigan

The horrific elementary school in Newtown, Conn. has put kids' safety and security measures top of mind. How are southeast Michigan schools reacting?

Summer Travel Packing Lists for Families

There are important things for families with kids of all ages to pack for a trip. Here are some suggestions to help parents of babies, kids and teens prepare.

The Dangers of Leaving Kids Alone in Hot Cars

Parents know the consequences but it doesn't stop some from taking the risk, a new study says. What's the deal with this dangerous decision?

Baby Gate Related Injuries Increase Four Times in 10 Years

A new study by Nationwide Children's Hospital finds these incidents have quadrupled since 1990. The culprit may be improper installation and usage.

Tax Tips for Parents: Deductions and Credits to Know About

April 15 is the IRS tax filing deadline, aka Tax Day. Whether you've got a baby or a college kid, here's how to get the most out of your income tax returns.

Shopping Cart Accidents and Injuries Among Kids

This grocery store staple isn't as safe as you think. According to a new study, 66 children hit the emergency room each day due to injuries related to shopping cart mishaps.

Facebook Introduces New Bullying Prevention Page

The social networking site launches a tool to help teens, parents and educators take action against mean behavior as more kids leave Facebook. Will it work?

The Effects of Sibling Aggression

Much like bullying, sibling squabbling, whether psychological or physical, has a negative impact on a child's mental health, a new study says.

Companies Increase Marketing of Alcohol, Junk Food to Kids

A new study in Pediatrics shows savvy tactics used to lure children. And they're effective in creating bad habits. What can parents do?

Temple Grandin's Top Tips

Her story of overcoming an autism diagnosis has inspired parents. Read her advice for giving kids with autism an edge.