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'Breaking Bad' Action Figures Pulled from Toys R Us Shelves

After a Florida mom petitioned on Change.org for the toy store chain to stop selling the dolls from the AMC TV show, the toy store has agreed.

Spielhaus Toys Opens in Detroit for the Holidays

Local dad Kurt Spiels brings unique toys and games, plushies and all sorts of kid-fun to his pop-up store, which will be open in the city until Dec. 24, 2013.

10 Classic Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids that Stand the Test...

Trump the latest trends with these cool presents that are great choices for young boys and girls - from Silly Putty and Slinky to Barbie and LEGOs.

The Doll Hospital & Toy Soldier Shop in Berkley

A staple for decades, this huge kids store is a family magnet, offering high-quality games and dolls, outdoor play sets, teachers stuff and lots more.

Rochester Hills has Toys, Play Spots, a Museum, Great Food and...

Known as a great place to raise a family, this city is also worth a visit for its awesome shopping, top-notch restaurants, entertainment and more.

Bath Toys for Kids of All Ages Sure to Make a...

Trying to persuade your toddler to get in that tub? How about keeping your child entertained during the scrubbing? These cool items get the job done.

Lego Friends: Does the New 'Girl' Version Go Overboard?

It's been a top-seller, but drawn criticism from some parents and gender equality activists. Is the toy building-block company crossing the line?

Metro Parent's 2012 Parent Picks

The top stores, services and spots in southeast Michigan? The results are in for 25 categories in Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw and Macomb!

Snap Caps Bottle Cap Necklaces and Bracelets

Snap Caps are a great gift for school-age and teen girls, thanks to their collectibility, wearability and all-around coolness.