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10 Tips to Make Healthy Eating Fun for Kids

Struggling to get your children excited to try better foods? Try this advice, geared at parents with K-8 students at home, on how to make it more fun.

Picky Eating Linked to Psychological Disorders

It's not just a phase. A new study links selective eating with psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety and ADHD.

Beyond the Taste: 5 More Reasons to Get Your Produce from...

Metro Detroit farmers markets and CSAs offer families a deeper look at how their food is grown and who's growing it, plus a chance to learn about produce.

Tips to Get Your Kids to Try New Foods

Use games during mealtime as a way to encourage your children to expand their palates. Here are five different activities to try during your next dinnertime.

Kids Who are Picky Eaters: What to Do When Meals Become...

Got a major food fight brewing at the family table? Southeast Michigan experts share advice and tips for parents to help avoid or diffuse mealtime struggles.