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Study Says More Adolescents Are Using Marijuana

The new research also shows teens' 'perception of harmfulness' on the drug has gone down.

Mom Throws Her Daughter a Period Party

In order to ease her daughter's anxiety about starting her period, one mother put together the party of the month.

Eczema in Kids: A Chelsea, Michigan Teen Shares Her Story

This chronic skin disease affects how millions of children feel, think, sleep and look. Take a closer look at this condition through a local teen's eyes.

Pastor Tells Kids 'Santa Does Not Exist'

Families were waiting in line at a mall in Texas to meet St. Nick when the pastor started shouting.

Holiday Magic Parade in Royal Oak

For yet another season, the magical parade returns to downtown Royal Oak. Join the fun and celebrate with your family on Nov. 20, 2016.

Violent Fight Breaks Out at Florida Chuck E. Cheese's

These parents got into it big time at a Chuck E. Cheese's just outside of Miami. What the heck happened?

Traveling to the Upper Peninsula: Things to Do During Fall

Hike it way up north – above the Mackinac Bridge – with the family to enjoy a flash of fall colors in Marquette and beyond.

Elementary School Approves After-School Satanist Club

New after-school programs run by the national Satanic Temple have been approved by two Oregon schools and could launch as early as October.

Is This Disney Halloween Costume Offensive?

People have taken to social media to bash a costume from the new Disney movie 'Moana,' calling it brownface and cultural appropriation.

Too Involved? School Calls Out Volunteering Mom for Asking Questions

A parent at a school in Virginia was sent a harsh letter after asking a few too many questions of teachers and staff while she volunteered.

School Field Trips Lessons, Safety, Costs and More

Students enjoy sights of far-off cities, get hands-on education and learn a thing or two about independence. Here's a primer for parents.

Kids Take Family Car to Visit Grandma

These two little ones in Washington lifted their mom's SUV because they wanted to spend some time with grandma.