Summer Fun and Things to Do with Kids

There’s nothing like warm summer days to melt away a long and brutal Michigan winter — and after the year that we just had, your family deserves summer 2021 to be the best one yet.  That’s the inspiration behind Metro Parent’s summer fun guide!  We know that local families have been craving some fun, so we took the liberty of diving right into everything that summer in metro Detroit and Ann Arbor has to offer and put it all together in this one convenient spot. Click through the options rounded up here to plan your next summer outing to your local splash ground or pool, get the details on Cedar Point and Michigan’s Adventure, score local shops and destinations to visit, get info on summer holiday happenings and much more. We even have expert advice on tackling important summer issues such as brain drain, water and firework safety. This way, you’re covered with everything (and we mean everything) that you need to make the most of your summer. Enjoy! ☀️




Summer is primetime for family travel and new experiences. And lucky for southeast Michigan parents, Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor are full of summer destinations for families to enjoy.

Why not take a trip to a Midwest waterfall this year? They’re breathtakingly beautiful and a great chance to be one with nature. Not an “outdoorsy” family? You can snag a vacation rental or try an all-inclusive resort in Michigan. 

Or, if you prefer, check out a music in the park event or a summertime fest.

No matter what your family’s summer style is, there’s something for everyone in Michigan and beyond.

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Six holidays fall during the unofficial summer months. Those holidays are Memorial Day, Pride Month, Juneteenth, Father’s Day, the Fourth of July and Labor Day.

That’s a lot of fun to pack in such a short time and you can find all the festivals, parades and celebrations offered in Macomb, Oakland, Wayne and Washtenaw counties, here.

Plus, score books, crafts and other activities in our at-home guides, so that you can celebrate even if you don’t want to leave your home.

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With all of the fun happening during summer, it’s easy to lose track of things like summer brain drain and summer-specific safety measures, but it’s important that you weave some of this information into your summer planning.

So, we’ve compiled expert information on things like Michigan bug bites to watch out for, how to avoid ticks, ways to keep kids safe around the pool, protecting kids from the sun and more.

But it’s not all serious summer stuff here, either. You’ll also get insight on planning a summer trip to Disney, how to make the most of your backyard pool, and backyard camping tips, too!

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